24 November 2017

FABRICS - elena essex designs

Elena Essex has recently released her debut collection of fabrics for Dashwood Studios. Called Serengeti it is inspired by the African plains and features leopards, tropical florals, and fancy paw prints. Elena is an illustrator and surface pattern designer from Hove, and her artwork is available for licensing and she is also open for commissions. Scroll own to see all the Serengeti fabrics and some examples from Elena's portfolio. You can also visit her website here.

And below are some of Elena's pattern designs, you can keep up to date with her latest projects on instagram.

DESIGNER - franca westaway

Franca Westaway has worked as a textile and fashion designer and had a career as an Art and Textiles teacher. She has a passion for all things art, fabric and pattern and is a graduate of the Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design e-course from Rachael Taylor. This past summer has seen Franca fascinated by everything grown in her garden, flowers, vegetables, and weeds! all feature strongly in her design work. She draws, paints and uses her own photography as the starting point before moving into Photoshop or Illustrator. Franca is happy producing technical repeats, placements and concepts as well as work for screen or digital production. She would love to license more and see her designs on fabrics, wallcoverings and interiors. Franca is looking for opportunities to work with other studios, companies and agents on a freelance, licensing or collaborative basis.

23 November 2017

WALL ART - victoria johnson

Designer Victoria Johnson had been asked so many times if she sold prints, but because it takes such a lot of preparation to open a shop there was always been something more 'important' to do. But this month Victoria has finally made it happen and opened an online shop selling her beautiful designs are art prints. She has selected pieces that sit well together so that if required people can make grouping.
You can see the full range of 8 x 10 prints that are available online here. And if you were thinking of gifts this week is the last chance for Christmas orders.

NEW DESIGNER - alextilalila

Alexandra Bordallo is a surface designer based in Vic, Barcelona. Her passion for sewing and fabric is the reason why she started a self-taught journey to learn how to create pretty patterns when my son was born three years ago (and just can't stop designing since then!). She is dreaming of being a licensing fabric designer someday and sew pretty things with her own fabric collections! You can see her work at her website Alextilalila.